If you own a business and are looking for the best photocopier machines, then you landed on the right page. Here we have listed the top 10 best small business photocopier machines which are the best to use for preparing the business documents as well as improving the productivity and profitability of your business.

Though there are numerous brands available in the market which offer the best products at attainable prices, but you have to make sure that the product must be durable, efficient and has all the desirable features which you want. The photocopier machines have become one of the most significant parts of the businesses and offices as these help in the growth and development of the business. So, come on! Let’s check out the top 10 best photocopy machines for your small business.

What are bleeds?

A bleed is used when the image needs to go all the way to the edge of the page. Printers have a maximum printable area that is slightly smaller than the paper size. Therefore, the image should extend 3mm over the finished size. When the paper is cut after printing, any white borders are eliminated.

What is CMYK?

CMYK stands for Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Key (black). It is the standard colour system used in printing and it involves mixing various percentages of these colours together in a dot, to produce the colours in an image.

What is print resolution?

Resolution is the term used to describe the number of dots or pixels used to display an image. When printing, a resolution of 300DPI (dots per inch) is needed to produce a crisp, clean image that can be blown up without comprising the quality.